Three Hiring Tips to Consider in 2021

Updated: 3 days ago

Nearly 800,000 young people enter the job market in Tanzania every year. The opportunity to hire the right talent exists but whether you're able to capitalize on it is a different matter. Job candidates today are savvy and willing to wait for the right employer to come along. Meanwhile, businesses are focusing on building a competent workforce and improving employee retention. The odds are stacked against you, so you need to emerge out of outdated recruitment practices and use techniques that help you meet your hiring goals.

1. Use data wisely

Top performers are precious resources, contributing immensely to business growth and competitiveness. Go over your employee performance reports. Review the impact of employees' work contribution towards your financial performance. There's a good chance that the numbers can be better, and thankfully, there's data to help you improve your hiring and retention activities.

What data, exactly? Data on the success indicators of the best-performing employees. On the hiring channels that offer the best results. On annual retention rates.

Data is valuable so long as it can be converted to useful information and insights. A predictive analytics tool can help you make sense of the data you already have and/or the data you can collect to inform your decisions.

As for the advantages, you will be better able to:

  • Focus on candidates with the highest talent potential

  • Bring in measures to retain the loyalty of your most valuable employees

  • Devote more time and monies to the best hiring sources for your business

2. Establish remote hiring processes

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced unpredictability into the hiring process. Traditional hiring involves the candidate visiting a potential employer's office for an initial written test and/or an interview. Nothing beats face-to-face interaction with job candidates, but in-person meetings may not be possible amidst a public health crisis.

Check whether you have the technologies in place to interact smoothly with candidates. And if you're on a hiring spree, the tools that free your human resource manager from repetitive administrative tasks.

For example, businesses have resorted to using Zoom, Skype, Slack and other video conferencing and online messaging platforms to bring dispersed remote working employees or hybrid teams together regularly. The same tools can also be used to conduct interviews, send and receive test documents, have real-time chats with candidates during the test hour(s), and gauge candidates' presentation skills. If you have implemented an applicant tracking system, automate emails, offer letters, approvals and other tasks that can save time and eliminate delay.

3. Audit your employer brand

What impression do people have about your business? How do they feel about your company when they Google your business, check employee and interviewer reviews on Glassdoor or Ambitionbox, or visit your website?

A good reputation and employer brand attracts highly driven candidates. It is worth your while to consider a reputational risk management plan that protects your image online.

Consult us for guidance on automating and digitizing your recruitment processes. Alternatively, our recruitment services can do the heavy-lifting for you, allowing you to focus on more critical business activities.