“To improve is to change; to perfect is to change often”

This quote by Winston Churchill, from decades ago still rings true. It sometimes both motivates me as much as it terrifies me. Circumstances, climate, business & client needs, societal demands and job skills required into the future have recently been changing at a dramatic speed and its expected to increase.

Don’t get me wrong, change is the basis of why our services at M&A are needed and it is the need for transformational change that gets me excited to go to work but at times, you know, after a 6-week Marathon of staying ahead of the game, exhaustion sets in. Beware of signs of change fatigue; they come on slowly but surely and often have an impact on your energy, spirit and your will.

What are the signs of change fatigue in the workplace?” you ask.....

According to some light research, from the front lines to the top executives, you might see several symptoms, including disengagement, exhaustion, absenteeism, confusion, conflict, and cynicism. You will also likely see a decline in performance, even among your top performers. Change fatigue occurs when people just cannot keep up with the pace or volume of change coming their way. This change could be organizational driven, market driven, societally driven or a combination of the above. In any case, only you are responsible for finding your inner peace. Someway to decompress, drown out the noise and relax, be it for a few hours each week or a few days off.

You are no good to anyone “burnt out”!

Here are some of the 5 things suggested by Britt Andreatta, an article she wrote back in January 2019. I will focus on the first 3. Warning! I will paraphrase a little.

1. Take stock of how tired you feel now.

Recognizing just how fatigued you are is critical to understanding the depth of your problem. Pick the possible behaviors or from the symptoms indicated earlier in my blog for example, are you feeling withdrawn? Loosing connection or wishing to be left alone? (assuming no other triggers to equate it to). Are you just not feeling like getting to work or planned meetings or social events? Are you irritable, for no reason or have little patience? Try gauge by how much. Listen to your body & mind, they are speaking to you.

2. Rest and recuperate

If you’re exhausted now, find a way to take the time. This year has been particularly difficult and the last two months before year ends are particularly demanding. Impending family responsibilities over the holiday, coupled with final work or school deadlines and missed targets make it difficult to give yourself a break or for you to justify to yourself that you deserve some rest. Believe me, from personal experience, two days of shuteye, mini travel/ getaways, time with your loved ones or just a ‘Spa day’ while completely unplugged (no tech) can make you more productive and potentially more efficient.